Friday, 18 June 2010

My Diary of India: Seventh Extract

When we got back, everyone went to nap but I just cant shake off the feeling that I shouldn’t be wasting a single moment of my day or night, whilst I can still stand. Me, Alison and an Australian couple from the group went back to the dolphin restaurant and then watched the Ganges ceremony from the start. The sweltering heat (we watched facing the city, backs to river) was unbearable and despite the music and excitement I was falling asleep whilst being pestered by the girl who had held my hand the night before. The heat from the fire and the crowd of people made me feel so faint, so we left after the main part was over. The traffic on the way home always feels worse than the previous time, but I just wanted to go back to the hotel. Couldn’t wait to sleep.

It is now the 30th June 2009, my fifth day in India. It turned out that we didn’t go to bed last night! When we got back, the others were sat round having a drink, so we joined them. Alison told me and Jackey about her travels in Ecuador and Tiffany was chatty as always. After about half an hour, I went to go to the loo and when I came back the others had gone to the pool because there was a pool party so I joined them. We did some crazy ABBA dancing and I let go with being drunk! It was so much fun, then we jumped into the pool with our clothes on, it felt so free and lovely!

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