Sunday, 6 February 2011

What is numb?

What is numb?

Is numb not knowing where you've been, or where you're going to go?
Is numb not knowing what is body, and what is soul?
Is numb not knowing what is real, and what is not?
Is numb not knowing what is part, and what is whole?

Is numb how you've felt, or how you are going to feel?
Is numb the movement, or what renders you still?
Is numb what's been said, or that which remains silent?
Is numb the horizon, stretching... until?

Is numb the heartache of losing, never to return?
Is numb the search for the future, or a delve into the past?
Is numb the ever-knowing, or the unknown?
Is numb a trajectory, impossible to grasp?

Is numb the beauty that is harnessed on the wings of age?
Is numb being young, or being old?
Is numb uncaring, or does it care too much?
Is numb being held, or never again to hold?

Or is numb just an ache, whispering gently over time?

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