Wednesday, 18 August 2010

My Diary of India: Fifteenth Extract

I had an awful night’s sleep last night. Since that night in Agra, when a cricket jumped onto my mouth in the dark and Tiffany and I spent an age finding and killing it, I can’t sleep with the thought of insects on my face! I got a few hours though, and after breakfast we caught Jeeps to Udaipur. The Jeep ride lasted six hours. After the first hour, Alison joined the other Jeep to give Jackie, Liv and I more room. With the wind sweeping through my hair and my legs dangling from the side, it was great- for about another hour. We stopped at what were possibly the world’s most foul toilets. Just concrete and a gutter…! We then saw dead cow, whose bladder had exploded, in the road. More guys drove past on a moped and they took some photos of us. All in all it was pretty distressing and the stench of diesel was so overpowering that we all felt really sick.

However, the hotel in Udaipur turned out to be really nice, with a big pool and powerful air-conditioning. They also have Diet Coke! I was still feeling quite sick and when we went out for lunch, I didn’t eat much. After returning to the hotel and chilling out by the pool, I felt much better. We’re about to go to the Monsoon Palace to take pictures of Udaipur from the hillside.

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