Tuesday, 31 August 2010

My Diary of India: Seventeenth Extract

In the afternoon, Pru, Kath, Alison, Guy and I went to a cooking class at The Whistling Teal with a lady called Gitika. She taught us amazing recipes for Moong Dal, Aloo and a really nice chicken curry. She had a huge collection of spices and made everything look so easy. The food was delicious and the whole thing, meal included, only cost 400 rupees. She was lovely and so articulate in English. I went back to the hotel afterwards to try and squeeze everything into my bulging rucksack. I’m thinking keep shopping and worry about it later. I’m not worried about getting stuff home, it’s the internal flight that’s concerning me because I can’t shed stuff yet.

We went out for dinner to another lovely outdoor restaurant called Ambrai and had a gorgeous candlelit meal next to the dried up field of a lake. Udaipur is known as the Venice of the East and now I finally understand why. The architecture along the lake was beautiful and the Rialto wouldn’t have looked out of place. Some water would have helped though! I ate chicken sagwala and has my first cocktail ‘Sex on the Pichola’. It was really sad when we got back to the hotel because we had to say goodbye to Jackie and Liv, who I’ve become quite close to.

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