Wednesday, 18 August 2010

My Diary of India: Fourteenth Extract

We all went for dinner at a well-renowned vegetarian restaurant. Dinner was way too spicy for everyone, but pudding turned out to be a laugh. We ordered plates of traditional Indian sweets and they were… less than delicious. We all tried a bit of each and a couple were bearable but the rest got left behind. The camaraderie in the group is fantastic, we all have a great time together and there is this energy between us which binds us all. It’s nice to know that I now have places to stay all over the world!

The next day, we set off early after breakfast after saying goodbye to Tiffany, Bill and Renata. It was sad to see them go and has left a bit of a hole in the group. Moving on, we drove off in our jeeps to catch another bus for the five hour stint to Nimaj Bagh, a village where we are staying in this lovely villa hotel with a gorgeous terrace and pool. After relaxing in the pool (which was needed after my first experience of the squat toilet, the five hour bus ride and nearly abandoning Alison in a service station) we went for a walk around the village, which brought the usual hassle. I got some lovely photos though. We visited a bigger, local ‘palace’, but the rabid dogs and the sewage, the flies and the bulls distract you from the one beautiful monument that there is. All this grandeur against a backdrop of poverty is very weird and hard to understand. We had dinner on the terrace and talked about our families.

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